colour your world

Om and Love is for the wanderer, the traveler, the gypsy, the yogi, the surfer, the searcher; for all of you as a symbol of travels, shared paths and friendship formed. 


about Us

Om and Love Bracelets, Established 2013 in Costa Rica.

Om and Love consciously create handmade bracelets with up-cycled material, with beads and sacred charms sourced from all over OUR world. Each colour has a meaning and an affirmation. Every wrap is made with love, in nature.

No two bracelets are the same; each unique and special, just like you.

how it works

Step 1. Choose the colour that calls you.

Step 2. Place your order

Step 3. We design your one-of-a-kind bracelet using up cycled fabric, intentional charms and sacred beads from all over the world

Step 4. Order arrives to your door

Step 5. Set an intention in to your bracelet 

Step 6. As you wrap the bracelet around your wrist repeat your affirmation. Repeat daily

Step 7. Feel your life transform. Colour your world