meet Karen

an Australian artist, designer, yoga teacher, surfer and founder of Om and Love.


Back in 2011, fed up with routine, I packed up from what I knew to be real and safe, to travel the world.

With only a backpack and a pure will in my heart, I pursed my dream to become a yoga instructor. In Costa Rica I began teaching yoga, and I met an amazing girl, Esperanza, which in spanish means Hope. We became great friends.

One evening, from the off cuts of a wedding dress I had altered for her, we wrapped the material around each other's wrists, to remember our connection.

Travel and life’s journeys we meet, connect and farewell those with whom we share a special bond. What we have left in our hearts are the memories we hold so close.

As I continued through Latin America, I adorned the bracelet with painted ceramic beads from Peru, shells from the pacific and sacred seeds from the Amazon. My bracelet emerged into a unique memory of places traveled and friendships formed.

With this concept, Om and Love was born.

I currently live in Costa Rica. I have been traveling around our planet sharing colour to the world, doing markets and festivals and spreading the Om and Love.

I travel, share my passion, and teach. I try to do my best to make those around me smile and I give great hugs too!

The gratitude I hold for you in my heart is deep and special.

I do this for you. I do this for love. I do this to show people that YES, it is possible to be good and to do good. To live from the heart and to live with passion


Dream your dreams as big as you want to and go out there and take the steps to reach them. I want you to om. I want you to love. 

I want you to colour your world.

I see you. I love you. I believe in you.




Karen xo